Community Building Community


Incoming George Washington University freshman and their upperclassman CBC guides joined the Conservancy for two days of community service volunteer hours last week.  GW students are an absolute joy to collaborate with and much was accomplished toward our goal of re-establishing ecological integrity in the Park.

Together, we cleared invasive porcelain-berry vines from our beloved forsythia hill and cleaned up piles of bush honeysuckle from the Whitehaven trail edge to be hauled out by Rock Creek Park – National Park Service.  Thank you NPS ROCR!  Above and beyond, a pair of students helped our program director Ann Aldrich fell a small but highly invasive Buckthorn tree.  Learn more about this plant species and how it affects the Park environment here.

It was wonderful to establish friendships with new GWU students and we look forward to our next adventure together in Dumbarton Oaks Park.  Thank you, and welcome to DC!

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