We dogs love Dumbarton Oaks Park.    As we race through the woods, across the meadows, and into the stream water and pools (what dog doesn’t like to splash around?), we remember that our ancestors were wild creatures once.  And how few places near the center of the big city offer us similar opportunities.

Our owners like the park, too, once they have discovered it.   While we like to roam, we understand that we really need to be on the leash to prevent damage to our favorite park (it’s actually required by the National Park Service), and, this way, our owners don’t have to intervene nearly so often to settle doggie “dust-ups” or to apologize to other people and picnickers when we canines get carried away in sniffing them…or, even better, the goodies on those blankets spread on the grass.

Since we like to think of Dumbarton Oaks Park as “our park,” we ask our owners always to bring bags and carry away anything we might drop, in order to keep things nice for them and us.

We’re on our best behavior with the occasional deer, the many birds, and the squirrels.   Squirrels!   Well, maybe not always with the squirrels, but since they have plenty of trees to scamper up, we can play “chase” with them but it’s nearly the “impossible dream” for us ever actually to catch and hurt one.   So we can have the fun of the chase without any guilt.

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