We dogs love Dumbarton Oaks Park.  As we race through the woods, across the meadows, and into Dumbarton Run with its many waterfalls and pools, we bring a smile to our humans’ faces as we exhibit joy unbounded.

However, while we like to race through the meadows and down the banks of Dumbarton Run, we may not understand that the forest floor, meadows, and the stream where we like to splash and play, are in the process of being restored. There are delicate ecosystems supporting new native ferns and grasses, as well as stream-side plantings – So we, the happy Dogs of Dumbarton, understand when our owners keep us on a leash to prevent our paws from trampling on growing plants, and eroding the sensitive stream bed. Also, we know the rules! The National Park Service requires leases throughout Rock Creek Park. We’re willing to model good canine citizenship to help the restoration of our favorite Park. (And, since we like to think of Dumbarton Oaks Park as “our park,” we ask our owners always to bring bags and carry away anything we might deposit, in order to keep things nice for them and us.)

It’s no surprise that we Dogs of Dumbarton like to have our pictures taken in the Park. We know the staff of the Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy often gives us special love on Instagram. We encourage our humans to take a picture of us on our leash enjoying the Park and use the hashtag #DogsofDumbarton.

To find out more about Dogs of Dumbarton membership and special treats, please send an email to Jenny Chandler, Executive Director.


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