Stream Valley Project

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The Stream Valley is the spine of Beatrix Farrand’s last remaining “wild garden”, formerly part of the Dumbarton Oaks estate. It is nestled in the valley below the formal gardens and is comprised of a meandering stream, a trail system, constructed water falls, and spaces of respite. Visitors can access this section of Dumbarton Oaks Park from Lover’s Lane.

Over the years, invasive species, heavy visitation, and excessive stormwater adversely impacted the Park. Working with Larry Weaner Landscape Associates, DOPC undertook the creation of a Master Plan for the Stream Valley, designed to enhance and protect this section of the Park through the lens of Farrand’s naturalistic vision. As in all of Farrand’s work, the new plan celebrates native flora of the region. 

Since Farrand’s time, trees and shrubs have matured to create shadier conditions. The Master Plan seeks to establish a native woodland understory in keeping with the quiet, restful experience envisioned by Farrand. In the new design, the path, once flanked by exotic bulbs, features a mosaic of native woodland wildflowers, sedges, and ferns iconic to woodland environments. See the Plant Communities of the Stream Valley Booklet to learn more about the design components. To make a contribution to the implementation of this project please contact or donate now here.

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