Jobs with the Conservancy


DOPC is currently recruiting for the following paid position:

Project Coordinator

The following volunteer opportunities are available, please contact for more information:

In the Park

Invasive Plant Removal
Porcelain-berry, Jet Bead, Honeysuckle: these names may sound beautiful, but the plants themselves – along with bamboo, stilt grass, mile-a-minute, and knot weed – make up the army of noxious weeds invading the Park, overruning the woods and meadows and strangling trees and bushes. Join us in pulling, clipping, and sawing these invasive plants!

Twice a month, on public weeding days, DOPC provides training, gloves and tools. We promise a stimulating, challenging, and fun-filled experience with new friends. Volunteers can also become certified by the National Park Service to work independently on the removal of particular invasive species.

Debris Removal
The powerful storms that continue to pummel Washington continue to cause major damage in the Park. Fallen tree branches must be pulled into piles, while existing piles of debris need to be hauled out for the National Park Service to chip and remove. This work is supervised by DOPC and is an important part of keeping the Park looking good!

Plant Inventory
We are looking for volunteers to help identify and inventory existing plants in the Park – a critical step toward developing a sustainable restoration plan.

Ecological Studies
Dumbarton Oaks Park is a vibrant, urban Park with remnants of oak and beech forest. It is also a prime example of the effects of stormwater runoff and invasive plants. DOPC will work with you and the National Park Service to facilitate your research and study ideas.

In the Office

Data Base and File Management
We are looking for individual to go through the boxes in the office and begin assembling a “Conservancy” history file and  help build a filing system for paperwork already in the office this coming January 2014. We also need to update databases which require knowledge of excel.

Website & Social Media
DOPC welcomes volunteers eager to help build our website and social media presence.

Business Planning
DOPC is looking for volunteers with experience in financial planning and grant writing.

For more information, contact Ann Aldrich, DOPC Program Director

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