Signature Project Planting

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Since October 17th, we have been working around the clock to get all of the plants installed as quickly as possible. The first thing that was installed was 300 linear feet of black welded wire fabric fencing around the Signature Project area to keep out the dogs. We created laminated signs that are posted on the fence to inform the park users what is happening in the delineated area.  Long Fence removed the existing rusty chain link and posts on the north slope as well as installed new black chain link fencing across the Lovers’ Lane bridge on both sides. Loyal volunteers and board members started to plant the thousands of Carex pennsylvanica plugs on the slopes and flat areas. On Saturday the 26th, Casey Trees and volunteers installed 41 trees  on the north side of the site.  We were able to source most of the shrubs and trees even at this late date in the season for the east edge planting. All of these plants were installed in one day on November 2nd with the able bodied help of Aaron Deadman and crew who donated their time along with many loyal volunteers.  Huge piles of wood and bags of ivy were also collected and removed from the site on the day of the planting. The remainder of the Carex was planted beneath the shrubs and trees in this area.  The trees and shrubs that were not sourced this fall will be planted in the spring. We are contracting a water truck to water the site thoroughly this Tuesday.  The plants have received some good rains since the installation but need a good heavy soak. Given that it is turning colder, we think we will not need to do this heavy soaking again until spring.  EGI is wrapped up the Old Stone Pump House work the week of November 5th. Walter, the woodworker, will start work on the door imminently.

We are starting to think about Spring and the planting of the remaining areas.  Casey Trees recommended we send them a tree list by the beginning of the year for the trees that we are proposing in other areas of the Signature Project.

The north slope area needs erosion control measures. We will work with volunteers to create areas of vertical composting and distribute wood across the slope this fall/winter.

On Saturday after the final push of fall planting, we all stood on the path and looked down onto a Beech grove with orange leaves fluttering to the ground, dappled sunlight refracting off of the silver trunks, and sweeps of groundcover that carry one’s eye into the middle of the space and we were so very content.  The vision that Beatrix Farrand had to amplify this native American Beech grove was alive and well.  One plant at a time, we are moving towards our goal of reclaiming this landscape.

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