Volunteer Event May 24th

MAY 24th, 10-2 IN THE PARK

Dreaming of Meadows…

mowed meadow5.4.15









MAY 24,   10-2: Help prepare for the restoration of Meadows 3 & 4 with fence and path re-alignment or Invasive Plant Removal

Information:  Please meet at the top of Lovers’ Lane (~3060 R St NW) at 10 am, dressed in long pants, long sleeve shirt, socks and closed shoes to protect against prickles and stings. DOPC will provide training, tools, gloves, water, and snacks.

RSVP:  aaldrich@dopark.org

Transportation Options: Parking is available on R St and other nearby streets. Public transportation options include the 30’s and Circulation Bus routes on Wisconsin and N bus routes on Mass Ave. From Wisconsin and R walk 3 blocks east on R past Dumbarton Oaks to the tar lane down the east side of DO. From Mass and Whitehaven, walk back to the Bridge over Rock Creek and down the path between the Italian Embassy and the Rock Creek Bridge to the gates of the Park

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