Our Environmental Education Programs are Growing

The Environmental Education department has been very busy! Last spring, we launched our new pilot program, Landscape By Design, in partnership with the National Park Service and National Park Foundation.Our program was modified from the National Park Service’s Good Neighbor program in Boston, which spotlights Frederick Law Olmsted and the professional landscape architecture legacy he left behind, to focus on Beatrix Farrand and her American treasure, Dumbarton Oaks Park.


Students from Stoddert sketch the landscape

Three fourth grade classes from Stoddert Elementary School participated in the pilot program. They had the opportunity to learn about the history and design of Dumbarton Oaks Park and Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, all the while meeting DC Public School curriculum requirements. Activities included a guided tour of Dumbarton Oaks Gardens; interactive historical walk through Dumbarton Oaks Park; scavenger hunt; archeological dig; and landscape drawings. Upon completion of the program, youth were challenged to create their very own 3D landscape design masterpieces. Student creations were later displayed at the Rock Creek Nature Center, and their landscape drawings were highlighted during our Park Anniversary Event. We are very excited to re-launch our Landscape By Design program with three DCPS schools this upcoming academic year! We are currently seeking support to help expand this program. If you are interested in becoming a Landscape By Design ambassador by donating to our program, click here.


Students search for wildlife during our Find Your Park spring camp

This past summer, the Landscape By Design team ventured to the Good Neighbor Institute in Boston, hosted by the Fredrick Law Olmsted National Historic Site. Throughout our stay, we became immersed in the life of Frederick Law Olmsted and his sons, while learning about the wildly successful Good Neighbors Project for 3rd graders. The Institute provided us with invaluable tools to help us expand our program in DC, while connecting us with other Olmsted park sites around the country.

Other spring and summer environmental education highlights include: the launch of our Art in the Park Pollinator program with Jelleff Boys and Girls Club, partnership with Hardy Middle school and Chesapeake Bay Trust to run new water erosion and invasive plant programs in the Park, participation in the District’s BioBlitz event, partnerships with the British International School of Washington and Sidwell Friends School, and our Find Your Park Spring Camp.

If your child is interested in joining our fall after school environmental education and recreation program this year, please contact Alisha Camacho at alisha@dopark.org. We’d love to have your family in the Park this fall!