Changing Climate, Changing Parks: Winter Camp Recap

The theme of our 2016-2017 winter camp this year focused on one of the most pressing issues facing our campers’ generation: climate change. Dumbarton Oaks Park became the model for children to understand the concept of climate change and to learn about the adaptation strategies being used in the Park today.


An Experiment on Rising Sea Levels was Fun as Well as Educational

We examined the anticipated changes that climate change will bring to the greater DMV area, and the strategies being used to adapt and build resilient parks and cities, as outlined by the District Department of Energy and Environment with their new Climate Ready DC Action Plan. Throughout the week, campers participated in a variety of activities, including park excursions, science experiments, games, crafts, and community service. For their final projects, campers created their very own 3-D dioramas to visualize how Dumbarton Oaks Park will look in 2080. We are very proud to say that upon completion of our camp, our young participants all understand the science behind climate change, the changes coming, adaptation strategies, and the critical role youth around the globe are playing to help resolve these challenges. Many thanks to our camp partner, the Jelleff Boys and Girls Club.


Campers Explore the Effects of Runoff in Rock Creek Park after a Rainstorm