Restoration: Volunteers

Volunteers have been busy cutting and removing the large invasion of bamboo between Clapper Falls and the Upper Stream Valley. Plans are underway to apply herbicide and cover the area in mulch to completely kill and suppress the bamboo prior to replanting trees and shrubs in this area. This work has been accomplished by 23 individuals on Martin Luther King Day, and 76 individuals participating February 16, 29 and March 8 prior to the suspension of our activities. The UDC Master Naturalists Class with 50 members joined us on February 29 to learn about the Park and join in the restoration activities. They will earn volunteer hours working in the Park and we hope to see them soon again. 

Montgomery County Conservation Corps kicked off the new cohort in the Park during the week of February 24th cutting and transporting bamboo out of the Park. We celebrate the 7th year of this amazing partnership where we teach and guide in restoration and green job training and the participants implement and complete work. Participants have touched every inch of the Park over the years and have been instrumental in the removal of many of the invasive plants, completed meadow seedings, planted trees and shrubs, watered and maintained plantings and did the amazing work of clearing the slope behind Safeway. We hope the next time you see the crew in the Park you will give them a huge shout out for their hard work!