Restoration: Tree Planting

Casey Trees and DOPC had planned a planting for 53 trees on April 17 in celebration of the 50th celebration of Earth Day. Simone Meisnere, 13 years old, volunteered to help Casey Trees and DOPC by soliciting the food to support the 100 volunteers expected to help. Montgomery County Conservation Corps and the Latin American Youth Center were planning to hold their Earth Day celebration with us to help with the planting and maintenance throughout the Park. Unfortunately, the major tree planting has been moved to fall 2020 due to the restrictions required to stem the spread of the corona virus. 

Meanwhile, Casey Trees crews came in early April to plant 8 flowering trees, 3 hawthorns and 5 serviceberries, between bridge hollow and forsythia steps. These trees will add springtime interest and protein rich berries for the birds long into the future. The trees also form a blooming bridge between the upper garden and the lower stream valley section which Larry Weaner Landscape Associates is busy designing.