Partnership in Preservation Competition


The importance of restoring Dumbarton Oaks Park is reaching more people daily. News stories abound on the Partners in Preservation program (see links). Most of the articles are focusing on the competition which groups are winning.  We need your help by social media vote to raise the awareness of restoring this exquisite Park and fragile ecosystem. Do you know that the designed parkland, part of Beatrix Farrand’s masterwork, Dumbarton Oaks, is about to wash away? Have you seen the trees falling because of invasive vines pulling them over? We all love the Park, however, we are letting it disappear before our very eyes! The Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy was formed to try to prevent the final last erosion of the design traces Farrand left us. YOU can help in many ways; most importantly vote now and every day through midnight May 10th. Your vote is very important, even better get your friends and family voting, too! Do you use Facebook, share with your friends; how about Instagram? Share your photos of our beautiful Park and check-in with Foursquare. The Park is with us only as long as we care for it. It desperately needs restoration NOW. The Partners inPreservation program provides an opportunity to win $75,000 to repair the historic East Dam and its viewing platform. This repair is critical to hold the stormwater and prevent the sediments and pollution from washing away your Park.

east falls4-23-13

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