Lower Stream Valley Restoration Sneak Peak

In celebration of the 100th year anniversary since Beatrix Farrand, a visionary in the field of landscape architecture began the design of Dumbarton Oaks, DOPC and Larry Weaner Landscape Associates are making strides in uncovering and restoring the wild garden design to preserve this National Historic Register site.

Beatrix Farrand’s design intent for the Lower Stream Valley corridor at Dumbarton Oaks Park was simplistic, romantic, and naturalistic. The proposed design within the stream corridor expands and enriches the existing plant palette while honoring the vision of Beatrix Farrand.

Over time the stream corridor conditions have changed. There has been an increase in canopy shade, visitation, flooding, and erosion. The proposed plant palette was designed to reflect these changes to the existing character of the site and to respond to the dynamic hydrology present within the stream corridor. The plant palette aims to stabilize the streambanks while achieving the goals of expanding seasonal interest, increasing habitat diversity for wildlife, and enhancing visitor experience.

Naturally occurring plant communities were used as precedents for the design and all plants within the design are native. In honoring the vision of Beatrix Farrand, historic viewsheds within the stream corridor are re‐opened and plant combinations are used to highlight and guide the visitor’s eyes to these points in the landscape.